Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Smoke Cleanup in Windsor, CO

This Windsor home suffered from a fire caused by the wood stove. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire and this job required a lo... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage in Gill

This family’s Colorado home suffered from a fire following a family member setting fire to the bedroom mattress. It’s always devastating when a fami... READ MORE

Never Leave Plastic Containers On Stove

A local homeowner left to go out to eat, and had left plastic containers on stove thinking the stove was turned off, the plastics caught fire. With fire damage,... READ MORE

Truck Hauling Insulation On The Road Again

This truck was hauling insulation and it caught fire. The driver noticed the fire while looking into his mirror, so pulled over at the next exit. The local fire... READ MORE

Local Fire Damage

This entire home was severely damaged by a fire that was started in the master bedroom. The cause was ruled arson. As soon as the fire department released it, S... READ MORE

Convenience Store/Gas Station Fire

A convenience store/gas station had to be cleaned after a deep fat fryer started a fire in the early morning hours. The fire damage was minimal, with most damag... READ MORE

Stove Vent Hood Fire Damage

Fire damage at this Fort Morgan, Colorado house began in the range vent hood in the kitchen. There was significant damage to the kitchen, and smoke damage throu... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage

The homeowner had arrived home after shopping, parked her car in the garage, went in and started dinner, then noticed smoke coming in under the door going into ... READ MORE