Recent Before & After Photos

Hoarder Cleanup - Emotional and Hazardous

Upon arriving onsite at a hoarding cleanup our technicians are fully trained to deal everyone involved, as dealing with a hoarding situation can be both emotion... READ MORE

There was WHAT in our Ducts?

Recently a customer had a water loss and when we finished the mitigation they ask us to clean their ducts because they felt their heating system wasn’t wo... READ MORE

Car Drives Through Storefront

A woman who had, what she believes may be, a panic attack pushed the car's accelerator instead of the break and ran her car through a local storefront.  Lu... READ MORE

Local Hospital Mold Remediation

A local hospital called us for mold remediation in the Emergency Room Staff Lounge.  Upon arriving onsite we assessed the damage and went through what the ... READ MORE

Flooded Condo

The mold in this condo was the result of poor landscaping, which flooded the customer's home.  This is the second time this condo had been flooded.  T... READ MORE

Residential Biohazard Cleanup

SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor was called to do a biohazard cleanup at a local residence after 57 canisters of tear gas had been shot into a house.  ... READ MORE

Residential Mold Clean-Up and Remediation

Our SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor team was contacted to remediate this earth home which had mold throughout the entire home. This is a second home for the hom... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage

The homeowner had arrived home after shopping, parked her car in the garage, went in and started dinner, then noticed smoke coming in under the door going into ... READ MORE

Toilet Supply Line Leak

This was the result of a toilet supply line that burst on the top floor and caused damage to all levels of this three-level home. The water fully saturated the ... READ MORE

Saving Wood Floors

This warped wood floor on a main level was due to a dishwasher leak.  Notice the extent of the wood floor warping; the dishwasher had been leaking for some... READ MORE