Commercial Photo Gallery

Water coming through ceiling a bathroom

Local University Suffers Water Loss Due To Pipe Break

The local university in Greeley, Colorado had a water pipe break on the third floor of one of the dorms. Several apartments on the lowers levels were severely impacted. Technicians from SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor were on site within the hour to begin the mitigation process and make it "Like it never even happened."

Pipe Break At Local Martial Arts Studio

This business in Windsor, CO was damaged when a pipe in the ceiling broke during the middle of the night. Having classes pre-scheduled, the owner wanted the area dried as quickly as possible. Once onsite our technicians extracted the water out of the mats and extensive drying and cleaning had to be done to get the business back into operation as quickly as possible. The business down time was minimal and the owner was very pleased.

FLIR Camera Verifies Moisture In Apartment Building

This is a commercial job we are doing for a local apartment building here in Greeley, CO. Having prime access to the building entrances and the luxury for our technicians to have a FLIR camera with them at all times enables us to identify the water damage areas and get the job done quickly. Water requires quick extraction and we couldn't do it without the proper equipment and access.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Damage

The commercial office was heavily affected by the fire sprinklers malfunctioning and going off. SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor was able to get on site and begin work as soon as it was determined that there was no “real” fire. As our technicians began cleaning they also set up equipment to help clean the air. It took several employees to get everything cleaned but it was ready in 3 days. The property owner was very pleased with our professionalism and quickness in completing the job. Another satisfied customer, “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Building Roof Leak

This commercial building was damaged when the roof developed a roof leak due to the fact that the roof was flat and snow sat all winter on the roof. When the sun melted the snow it had nowhere for the water to go, year after year. The integrity of the roof became compromised in several spots and eventually the ceiling came down in several different spots. Extensive drying and cleaning had to be done to get the building back to "Like it never even happened."

Pipe Break Water Loss

When a pipe burst in this footwear store in historic downtown Greeley the owner called us at 7:00 in the morning in a panic. The owner was very pleased as SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor was onsite with 30 minutes. We extracted the water, set up drying equipment and the entire job was completed in 3 days. Another SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor satisfied customer!

Personal Protective Equipment

A local country club had an odor problem coming from their crawlspace.  Once SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor went onsite, a broken sewer pipe was discovered. 

The guys were all suited up in Tyvek suits to begin with, but added full respirators to their PPE due to the size of the loss, and the confined space that they had to work in.

SERVPRO of Greeley/Windsor always take the safety our employees very serious, so a portion of our weekly staff meetings will cover employee safety.